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Introducing The Hitmen

The Benton Brothers

Blaine Anthony and Jeff Elliott are both no strangers to outdoor television. Blaine is a full time outdoor TV producer and Jeff is the owner of Bossman Outdoors, makers of premium hunting gear. After their first hunt together, they became close friends and hunting partners on just about every hunt they take. Tune in for the antics when 2 guys from the same name city, with 2 completely different personalities hunt the world Benton Brothers style.

Northeast Syndicate

Northeast Syndicate is made up of a single crew from New England. Led by Executive Producer Ted Whelan, this unique crew is has the heart to hunt in one of the most difficult place in North America. From below 0 temps, to the elusive northern whitetail giants, nothing stops the persistance of this elite group of hunter

North American Safari

North American Safari are no stanger to outdoor television. Hunting and filming for the Hitmen in the early years, now have combined forces. The variety of game and the places where they hunt set The New Hampshire Hitmen apart from any other team in the Hitmen family.

Eddie Roberts

Eddie has been hunting and in the industry for many years behind the scenes. All we had to do was add a camera, and a new Hitman was born. Be sure to catch Eddie in 2018, his first season with the show.

Hitmen Huntress

The Hitmen Huntress crew has been a long time coming. We set out to find the best legit female hunters in the country. We teamed up with Legacy Huntress and the Hitmen Huntress team was born. They are quickly becoming our most watched team on YV.