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                  About us

                  Welcome to the main site of the national TV show “The Hitmen”. The Hitmen is comprised of the best on-air personalities from around the country. Join your host Blaine Anthony for this one of a kind show that brings you from location to location seeing different hunting techniques by different

                  Blaine Anthony is proud to announce the entire crew from Gorilla Squad is now with Hitmen TV.


                  As Blaine Anthony continues to blaze trails in the outdoor TV industry and explore new horizons, fans can eagerly anticipate experiencing more of his thrilling adventures while witnessing the growth of businesses in the wilderness under his expert guidance.

                  About Blaine Anthony

                  Blaine Anthony is a renowned TV host and bear whisperer who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his passion for wildlife and his unique ability to connect with bears. Born with an innate love for animals and nature, Blaine’s journey from a young boy in the outdoors to a prominent television personality has been nothing short of inspiring.

                  Blaine Anthony’s reputation as the “Bear Whisperer” grew as he honed his skills in understanding bear language and behavior. Spending countless hours observing bears in their natural habitats, he developed a remarkable ability to interpret their body language and vocalizations. This unique gift allowed him to communicate with bears in a way few people could, building a sense of mutual trust between man and animal.

                  Rise to Television Stardom:

                  Blaine’s extraordinary talent and dedication did not go unnoticed. Television producers were captivated by his charismatic presence and his profound connection with bears. Soon, he found himself in the spotlight, starring in his own wildlife-focused TV show. Through his series, he took viewers on thrilling adventures deep into the heart of bear country, showcasing the beauty and vulnerability of these magnificent creatures.


                  Blaine prides himself on product building product awareness within the outdoor community and in non-endemic avenues.  Tune into one of Blaine’s many shows to see these businesses and partners in action.