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                  About us

                  Welcome to the main site of the national TV show “The Hitmen”. 

                  The Hitmen is comprised of some of the and diverse best on-air personalities from around the country.  Join your host Blaine Anthony for this one of a kind show that brings you from location to location seeing different hunting techniques by different people.

                  Wild Choice Media is proud to announce the entire crew from Gorilla Squad is now with Hitmen TV.  The Gorilla Squad is one of the industries largest hunting families that airs not just on TV, but has a massive internet and social media presents.

                  Join us every week to watch our Gorilla Squad that could be anywhere in the world on outdoor adventures.


                  The Hitmen is the brain child of Blaine Anthony  It all started back in 2002 when Blaine teamed up with Kevin Pruitt and Brad Carter and started the show “North American Safari”.  The show’s pro-staff was called The Hitmen at the time.  Then in 2008 Blaine made the decision to name the show itself Hitmen TV.   As the internet grew, Blaine started “Gorilla Squad” in which the vision was and still is today, to have the largest group of outdoors people in the world.  Now the Gorilla Squad is what we call the Hitmen Pro-Staff.  Gorilla Squad also has its own show which strictly airs on non-linear platforms such as Pursuit Up and the Outdoor Adventure Network.  

                  About the Hosts

                  Though Blaine Anthony may be the face of the show as the host of the show, the Hitmen is all about the focus of the team out there in the outdoors.  There are no fancy cameramen or private jets, the squad does everyday hunts like our viewers do and films them the best we can.  We found through years of filming, the viewers can relate much better to the everyday Billy Joe Lunch-bucket than they can with the elite taking hunts that cost more than most peoples yearly salary.  

                  The diversity of the group and what they hunt is the strong point of Hitmen TV.  From Jeff Elliott from New Hampshire and owner of Killz Products, Eric from Indiana, Dave from Texas, Jeremy from Idaho, Eddie in Tennessee, to our very own Twyla Wheeler who holds the whole thing down way up in Maine, we pride ourselves on being real people with a real passion.